Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Memorizing Continued: A Giveaway!

Dear curious readers,

I recently reviewed His Word in my Heart here on the blog; the premise of the book is learning to memorize Scripture (even for those of us who can't remember what day it is, or in my case, much to the amusement of my husband, how old I am!).

As a part of the procedure, I use (as suggested in the book) a spiral-bound set of notecards, on which I write a verse; and when it is full, I flip it over and use the other side.

I now enjoy this method immensely.  I don't have time to sit down and memorize, but I do have time to put the note-cards on the counter, throw them in my purse, leave them on the passenger seat in the car - any time of day when my brain is not necessarily occupied, I glance at it and work on my verses.  It's easier, I've learned, to memorize passages instead of individual verses because in a chapter or Psalm, you can memorize the sequence, the story, the logical flow.  Scattered verses are harder to try to bring to memory.  But, Titus 1:1 prompts me to remember Titus 1:2, and so on down the line, until I have recited the entire first chapter with ease!  In this manner, I memorize approximately one verse a day.  It does take discipline - as ridiculous as it sounds, it is easier to sit in the car and passively listen to the radio, than to recite verses.  But guess what?  I am excited about memorizing!  That makes it enjoyable and rewarding, and so I don't mind having to work hard at all!

Additionally, at the bottom of each verse, after I have memorized it I put the date on it, so that when I flip through the book I can see how long it took me to memorize a given chapter.

You may be thinking to yourself that this sounds pretty doable, but you just don't have time to sit down and write out all the verses on the note-cards.  Or, you may be so busy bustling around that you don't really know when you'd get out to the drugstore or office store to buy some note-cards!  This is where my wonderful idea for the first blog giveaway comes in!

I purchased an extra set of note-cards like the one I showed you in my review blog:

You can very faintly see the date in the bottom-right corner of each of these cards!

A free giveaway!!  Win a copy of His Word in My Heart, and a spiral-ring of verses to memorize!
Now, here is what you need to do ... 

1.  Decide which passage or book you are interested in memorizing, as well as the version (KJV, NKJV, NIV...).  (If you are thinking of memorizing several short Psalms, list them all.)
2.  Post that in the comments below (i.e. Titus, Psalm 91, etc) and e-mail me your name and passage selection (andrea . globetrotter @ gmail . com).
3.  Wait for me to select one of the comments on February 22 - I will use to choose, so it will be completely arbitrary!!
4.  I'll then fill out the note-cards with your requested passage or book for you - one verse per card, and continuing on the reverse if the passage you chose is long enough!
5.  I'll get in touch with you by e-mail and either mail or deliver it to you, and you can start memorizing!

Best wishes!

Mrs H

The set of note cards is 50 sheets long, so with both sides we can do passages up to 100 verses.

Challenge yourself!  Don't be afraid!  And don't worry if you don't think Jude isn't your favorite book -  by memorizing a passage or book, you learn what is in it and realize why it was written, and it may very well become a favorite!  

Some suggested passages: 
Psalm 100 - 5 verses
Psalm 1 - 6 verses
I Corinthians 13 - 13 verses
Psalm 91 - 16 verses
Psalm 145 - 21 verses
Psalm 103 - 22 verses
Jude - 25 verses
Provers 31 - 31 verses
Titus - 46 verses
2 Peter - 61 verses
2 Timothy - 83 verses
Colossians - 95 verses

February 23, 2011: And the fortunate winner was the randomly selected #5, which was Amanda! She chose to memorize Proverbs 31 in the KJV.  She'll receive the book His Word in My Heart, some bookmarks, and an index-spiral filled out with the verses from Proverbs 31, ready to memorize! 

Congratulations, Amanda! 


  1. I'm taking the plunge! 2 Peter, KJV.

  2. Pick me! Pick me! Titus, KJV.

    :) You are the best my darling!

  3. i would like kjv Malachi!

  4. Daniel ch 3 KJV

  5. Ok Andrea :0) Isaiah .... something :0) don't really know what yet but mostly just random verses. ~ Esther

  6. Luke Chapter 6. Lots of good stuff in there! :)




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