Monday, June 20, 2011

Much Ado or Making Do

Dear humored observers, 

"Does this look redneck?" I asked Mrs P, as I beat at a banana pudding with a whisk.  She laughingly reassured me that yes, it did look redneck ... 

We brought very few dishes with us, so every reusable container from food becomes a coveted and treasured item!  This large can, leftover from a Costco run for chopped tomatoes, is our new mixing bowl.

We have to be very creative at times, shuffling food from one dish to another, to make it all work out; but we've been able to come up with many delicious dinners!  One night we had a variation of Everyday Potato Soup (rermember the beauty of soup ... no two pots turn out the same!).  It was delicious; the only downside was trying to peel potatoes with a large clumsy knife - I'll have to get a peeler or a paring knife soon!

We made a big batch of tortillas to use in various dinners - quesadillas, burritos, and any other various filling from rice to chopped cabbage that we have on hand. I am guessing this is probably not your average hotel room! 

Keep reading to learn how we make Navy Base Quesadillas!

Endless adventures await ... 

Mrs H
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Mrs P is a little skeptical of my methods.
I can't imagine why.
Navy Base Quesadillas
Of course I am biased; I always prefer homemade tortillas!  I rolled so many out my wrists hurt ... but it's worth it in the end!  Click here to learn how to make them.  Since we're on a tight budget, buying ingredients - which we can, of course, use in countless recipes - for making tortillas, is cheaper than buying inferior and less nutritious store-bought tortillas.  

To fill the quesadillas, use your imagination ... Empty your refrigerator ... but here is the basic recipe!  

Lay a tortilla in a hot skillet.  Cover one half with minced vegetables (jalapenos, onions, peppers), shredded or slivered cheese, and finely chopped, cooked chicken or cooked, seasoned ground beef.  Fold the other half of the tortilla over and let it heat through, melting the cheese. Serve hot, with salsa and sour cream

I had boiled a chicken carcass to make broth; afterwards, I drained the bones
from the broth and shredded off any remaining pieces of meat, and salvaged
the cooked giblets from the broth.
I added this to some additional chicken meat, which I had cooked with freshly
ground black pepper.  
I laid the Navy Base Quesadillas in a cake pan, and used my cleaver to slice
down the middle.  A few of these were just chicken & cheese for the meat-
Serve with additional chopped jalapenos to top ... just a serving suggestion!



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