Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome back, please come in!

Dearly beloved, 

Welcome back into our kitchen after my one-month sabbatical from all things computerish!  I've used my time to gain a stockpile of delicious new recipes, to fill my notepad with delightfully fun and useful ideas, to refresh and rejuvenate - sometimes you just need a technology break - and I've even managed to put a little time into my 12 New Things list (fancy that!).  

I can't wait to share with you some of the joys, and to update you on the other big happenings (namely our pending move 'cross country, and the pregnancy!).  

'till shortly, 

Mrs H

This beautiful picture comes from a very, very small print in my family's collection.  The tow-headed little girl in front is my maternal grandmother, and she is gatherin' with her uncles, cousins, dad, and grandma for watermelon.  Off on the far right, you can see my scrawny little Cousin Bud (my grandma's cousin) sitting on my great-great-grandma's lap.  He is just as much a rascal today as he looks to be in this picture!  



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