Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your Worth

Dear treasured friends,

I have friends who have sunk into deep depressions, feeling worthless, useless, like they are garbage.  They state that they are unloved, or they have few friends or little popularity.  They view popular or famous people as having more value, more worth, than them.

I had wondered for years how this could be so.  I knew since I was barely old enough to comprehend, that the value of a human being is not based on how much other people love them, but how much their Heavenly Father loves them.  A human's value, I always reasoned, came from the intrinsic worth their Creator ascribed to them from the beginning.  With this train of thought, I would consider that it mattered not at all what others thought, but only that our Lord looked at us with His unconditional love.

I realized this morning why so many of my friends felt the loneliness and the devaluing so deeply.

These dear friends fight passionately for the rights of women, at the expense of the unborn child.  They have ensured the passage of a law that states that the child in the womb is not viable unless the mother wants it.  

And so they determine the value of a life.

Mrs H



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