Monday, February 4, 2013

Wintering Over In Virginia: Snow, Ice, and Kraut

Dear frosties,

We enjoyed a little bit of snow here in our mild-tempered state of Virginia.  The kale thrived! Kale can enjoy quite cold temperatures; it just slows their growth. Once temps rise about 60, they'll grow much faster, but at these cold temps they certainly won't die.

Garlic was unfazed.

Twenty gallons of sauerkraut were safely inside with stable temperatures, sitting right at 70 degrees.  Any lower and fermentation would slow, any higher and it would just rot.

The hose had no comment.

Obviously I was working hard inside, here in a commercial kitchen developing a new product (watch out!).

Back at home, I cooked up a heap of apple butter, and another heap of pumpkin-apple butter.  The former I canned, the latter I froze.

Dear Beryl helped me defrost my freezer, which we are still trying to repair several hundred dollars later, after the traumatizing move that went terribly wrong with the horrible movers in denial - hopefully this newest repair does the trick and it won't fill with ice, frost, and water!

My neighbor built a pretty intense snow-lady that took him all morning to make!  She was life-size and quite the ice-witch! 

The little guy snuggled down with some heated teddy bears and we enjoyed some brisk, breezy jogs on the oceanfront.

Winter is proving quite nice here on the Eastern Seaboard; how is winter where you are staying?  Snow?  Cold temps?  Balmy weather?  Burst pipes?  Anybody from Alaska here?

Mrs H

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