Friday, November 11, 2011

Make Your Own Calendar - For Free!

Dear time-conscious reader,

I am a pretty forgetful person, and I also enjoy having regular routines - so I was looking forward to having a calendar when I settled in our little apartment in September.  But I didn't really want to buy one, with only a few months left in the year!  Turns out you can handily make one with stuff you probably have lying about the house.

Packing paper or large paper (I used white packing paper from an Amazon shipment - I always fold and save such Useful Things in my wrapping bag!)
Yard stick, ruler or measuring tape
A pen or marker
A straight rule (if you do not have a yard stick) such as a book or piece of cardboard

I just measured out how wide my paper was, and divided that measurement by eight columns, so that I had a slot for each day of the week and a column for notes.  Then I used the ruler to measure how many even lines I could draw horizontally to produce squares, and proceeded to trace them out with a piece of stiff paper for a rule.  Then I used my phone calendar to label each date, and taped this paper to another piece of stiff packing paper, which I then hung on the kitchen wall.  It is most convenient, didn't take long to make, and was inexpensively produced from items I already had lying about the house!

Keeping track of time and still saving pennies,

Mrs H

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