Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mysterious Mrs S: She Writes

Voracious readers,

The Mysterious Mrs S of Illinois legend, my fellow Navy wife and expectant-first-time mama, has started writing down her pithy thoughts in blogomatic form.

I've always enjoyed her witty repartee and the depth of thought she puts into our conversations; her blogs are equally enjoyable and unfortunately leave me hungry for sweet-n-sour tofu and other delectable vegetarian delights.  Because, did I mention - ? - Mrs S is a fabulous cook and food critic.  She is also a reviewer and copy editor for 1776 Productions, the producers of the heralded San Francisco Book Review, and hones her literary skill by reading thousands of pages and delivering shrewd commentary to benefit judicious readers like you.

Peruse her blogthoughts for yourself here, and enjoy her Plentiful Thoughts of Miscellany!

All a-twitter,

Mrs H

P.S.  Sometimes Freddie the Brave Feline appears in her blog posts; don't be alarmed.  He is more afraid of you, than you of he!



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