Monday, January 23, 2012

Twelve New Things: 2012

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Dear industrious and learned readers,

Last year I posted about doing the "Twelve New Things" challenge.  This is an idea I gleaned from another blogger, who found it on another blog, for expanding your repertoire and keeping things fresh all the time!

The concept is that you pick twelve new things to learn this year, and every month you tackle one.  In the original plan, you assign each project to a month, but I think I'll leave mine flexible because there will be a great deal of traveling and moving happening this year, and I am not sure exactly when all of it will be taking place.

Last year I did not complete everything on my list, so I'll carry a few items forward to this year and polish them off with my usual zeal!  2011 did turn out a little unexpected, as I spent from mid-May to December on the road and traveling ... so I didn't really have all the time I thought I would to burn through home-making projects!

No worries, though - there is always another day to learn!

Now, at first whiff it may seem that twelve new things is not very much, and you could very easily tackle six in a month if you so wished.  And that is true.  But the idea here is to be somewhat underwhelming, and allow for all sorts of real-life interruptions and excitement.  We can add more projects later if we really want to.  I can live with that!

I'll list my twelve new things in no particular order ... they'll have to flex with the seasons as necessary!

Twelve New Things: 2012
The first four projects are carried over from last year's list! 

1. Make yogurt
2. Make laundry detergent
3. Make sanitary wipes
4. Make and dry pasta for storage
5. Move across country
6. Have a baby
7. Do a sugar detox
8. Try the Oil Cleansing Method
9. Can dried beans
10. Eat vegan for a week or more (using Lindsay's menu, maybe!)
11.Make poor man's caviar (pickled eggs!)
12. R-and-R after baby is here!

What would you like to learn this year?

Anxious to learn,

Mrs H



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