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Let's Talk Chalk: How to label your home, and a free giveaway of your choice!

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Dear jarred,

Since virtually everything in my kitchen was either purchased in a bulk 25-lb sack or a 5 gallon bucket, or came straight from a farm and went into my dehydrator or was ordered online and arrived in a cardboard box wrapped in plastic, it stands to reason that most of my food is transferred into containers such as jars, tubs and plastic bags, and then joins the ranks of other jars, tubs and plastic bags in the cupboards and in the refrigerator.

I'm always running into the irksome problem of how to attractively label them!

I received a label maker as a gift, and I LOVE it! I use it to categorize my files, I smack names on top of cans of pumpkin-butter and jars of coffee beans, and I even label shelves so guests know where to find things (and replace them, hopefully!).

But what about big tubs?  What about jars that live on my shelf and need to be read clearly, from a distance, or that sit on the counter and should (in my hopes and dreams!) look ultra-cute?  What about containers whose contents are constantly changing or being updated, like when the coffee was last ground or when I last used the sourdough starter, or how recently this container of leftovers went into the fridge?  This was my kitchen dilemma, and it was mostly answered with sticky notes and cheesy taped-on pieces of paper.  Alright, it worked, but it wasn't very nice looking, and it was exceedingly annoying to have to keep re-taping on the paper when it ripped off from being shoved into a small space one time too many.

A friend introduced me to an Etsy store, after hearing me gripe about this issue.  I almost fainted when I saw, for the first time, things I'd only dreamed existed, living in real life in front of me!!

Let's Talk Chalk! is a business run by a mom and her daughters and their products are ... Unbelievable! Beautiful stickers (which easily peel off to place elsewhere, if you change your mind) with markers that can be erased with a damp rag.  The marker doesn't smudge once you let it dry for a few seconds, so even grabbing a tub by the label won't mess up your name tag.

I like to label my jars with what is in them, and where I got it (sometimes even what I paid for it!) so that when the time comes to refill it, I know where to go or what shopping list to add it to.  Sometimes, that source changes over time, so a printed label on a jar would need to be completely replaced - now, I can just wipe off the source of my sugar, and replace it with the new store I purchased it from!

Keep forgetting when you last refreshed your sourdough?  Not a problem!  Add the date, and when you feed it or use it again, just swipe away the date and write the new one!  No labels wasted, no time spent printing or taping on a new one.

And it looks horribly cute, to boot!

There are more than just kitchen labels here, too!  I'm labeling a gallon jar of cloth-diaper detergent and including a list of ingredients and measurements, and how to run a load of diapers!  These stickers can go on jars, bins in the craft room, boxes of office supplies, baby bottles, kids' drawers, storage tubs.  There are fake mustaches for party humor, t-shirts with chalk labels you can erase and rewrite (I'm the birthday girl! Welcome Home Daddy! Baby Due in Three Weeks!), a large chalkboard decal for the fridge or pantry (grocery list?  The contents of your chest freezer? Homeschool schedule for the day? Days left in Daddy's deployment?), simple round labels for just about anything under the sun, chalkboard wine charms (these work great on coffee mugs with a handle, too - so no more losing your hot cocoa on Christmas Eve!) ... and so much more!!!

The most beautiful gift tag of all?
A wide decal perfect for the fridge, bathroom mirror, the front of Mom's notebook
Petite labels for spices, jars of homemade toothpaste, containers of erasers...
Adorable labels for glasses at a party, jugs of variously flavored kefir, Tupperware tubs of leftovers
A large calendar that you can update, erase, change, and never need to replace!!
How else could you use mini chalkboards and labels?  Signs at a farm stand?

Keeping score during a game when the original sheets run out (or for those of us who shop for games at the thrift store!)?

Signage to direct guests at a wedding, label the gift table, placecards or Reserved for Family signs?  I don't think there is any limit to the uses!

These chalk labels are of superb quality and are delivered to you from a family store - supporting a small, wholesome business while making your house efficient and adorable?  I think this is a double win!

But it's even cooler than that.  They want to host a giveaway for you!  This giveaway is extra-awesome because instead of me choosing what you would like for your giveaway, you'll simply go to her online store and choose $25 worth of product!  After a winner is chosen by random selection, I'll send you a message and connect you with Pattie at Let's Talk Chalk! to place your order.  (Of course, if you decide you need more than $25 worth, just place your order and she'll give you a $25 discount off the total.)

Enter the giveaway! 

1. Visit the Let's Talk Chalk! Facebook or Pinterest site and follow one or the other (or both).  They post beautiful and clever ideas on their Facebook and Pinterest sites, and you'll be inspired!

2. What would you use your chalk labels for?  Leave a comment below with your idea or creative use, and be sure to use a current email when you do so - I'll be using that e-mail to contact you when you win, so it should be one you check!

The contest will end February 27th, 2013 at midnight EST! 

Labeling away,

Mrs H

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