Friday, May 17, 2013

Myths About Large Families - Your Questions, Answered

Dear gentle reader,

Have you ever met somebody from a big family?  Are you from a big family yourself?

There are lots of myths and legends regarding big families, or even just kids in general.

"Kids are too expensive.  We can't afford to have another."

"Have you seen these two bicker?  We couldn't handle having a big family fighting like that all the time!"

"The kids couldn't all have their own room.  Growing up, that was important to me; I wouldn't want to deprive my kids of that advantage."

This, and many other myths, are heard day and night by big families.  I myself am the second of eight - and you know how much that experience meant to me!

My parents have heard it all - every snide remark, every jab, every rude comment.  They take it all in stride as you know, letting the thoughtless and uneducated remarks of the intelligence-impoverished roll of their backs.  But the questions, while sometimes impolite and intrusive, are often simple curiosity or uninstructed ignorance, and in truth they do deserve to be answered.  Who better to answer these questions than my parents, practiced veterans of society's attention and commentary?

And answer it, they did.  Written by my dad, click here to read the answers to the thirteen biggest myths concerning having a large family, and leave your comments and thoughts at the end!

Do you agree?  Do you disagree?

Mrs H

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