Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Tried To Wash the Rest of the Blood Out of My Hair

Dear avid readers and sporadic guests alike,

How exactly does one go about sustaining a minor head injury while running? If this is a question you have often wondered, let me help you out here. The following story illustrates my own personal experience with the matter.

I was going for an average run yesterday, and I decided to take my run to the gritty streets of Everett and Mill Creek, instead of the placid curves of the interurban trail. (I prefer street running, to be honest.) The only downfall is the occasional stoplight; when I hit one that does not signal me forward with the little White Man Walking sign, I pound the button energetically and jog in circles until the light changes for me.

Upon this significant day in my life, I was a mere quarter mile from home, with eleven and three-quarter miles under my belt. The sun was just coming out, and I was thirsty, sweaty, dirty, and a bit tired. The light was not changing. I had pounded the button numerous times, and to keep my heart rate up and my legs moving, I did my usual Let's Jog Around the Light Pole dance (this is not a pole dance).

Unfortunately, this is where I made my tactical blunder. If you drive past a stoplight pole, glance at it and notice that, on the back side of the pole, there is an electrical box - usually about seven feet up the pole.

This one was at head height.

I leave the reader to draw their own conclusions. It didn't hurt too bad, and did not seem to affect me necessarily, but the passengers of the cars at the stoplight were getting a good chuckle. It was not until the next morning (and after a long hot shower right after the run) when I reached up to comb my hair back with my hand that I realized there was blood beneath my hair. In the YMCA showers later, I tried to gently soak it - but I confess I was hesitant to scrub too hard because I thought I might open the jagged, spurting wound back up.

If the dear reader ever ventures to run on the street and decides to jog around the light pole, they should follow one of several courses: (a) Give the pole a wide berth. (b) Crouch down low as they jog. (c) DO NOT JOG AROUND LIGHT POLES.

With affection and bandages for all,

Mrs H
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