Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who Roasts Chestnuts On an Open Fire, Anyway?

Dear Reader,

Fall has only just arrived, but I can barely contain myself with the thought of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of the glorious winter-related joys - including the delicious foods that come with the season!

What is your favorite Christmas treat? Fruitcake ... a certain cookie ... pull-apart buns ... cinnamon rolls ... striped candy ... glazed ham ...

Leave us a comment describing your favorite Christmastime food (or maybe a couple favorites!).

Tastefully yours,

Mrs H
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  1. Oh, please don't classify cinnamon rolls as Christmas food. They are year round necessities!

  2. Whoa - clementine oranges did not occur to me but you are so right Manda ... it is not CHRISTMAS without crates and crates of sweet, juicy oranges!

    Reminds me of sitting on the top of the big stump at Wenberg with Rebecca, peeling oranges and dropping the peels on the ground (!), and running back to the pop-up (!!!) to get more!

  3. Dude!!! Clementine oranges, mixed nuts in the shell, chocolate gold coins!!! :D:D:D

  4. Hot apple cider warming on the stove making the whole house smell nice! I absolutely love everything about this time of the year!

  5. I forgot about the chocolate coins!!!!! and Renee... I am 100% WITH YOU!!! it IS the most wonderful time of year!!!!




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