Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Beginnings

Addressed to my dear readers,

It is with great joy that I dedicate this series of anecdotal notes to that person nearest and dearest to me, my husband. Without this superior specimen of manhood, the premise of this composition would not be possible, and indeed I would be left to write about my shallow, meaningless, single life.

Perhaps it was not quite shallow, and neither was it meaningless; but by these drastic terms I mean to indicate the even greater depth and meaning my life has taken on since the happy day of matrimony befell me. It feels, indeed, as if my life has taken on a fuller and more resolute sense of purpose and belonging since I became a matron.

Dear audience, let it not be said to you that married life is a hamper and a strain to tie you down from the pleasures of single life! I do not deny the many pleasures of being single and unattached, but I do not think that the single person paying bills is particularly more of a hardship than the married couple paying bills. By this illustration, I mean to indicate that there are stresses and realities of both the celibate and the wedded state. But the joys, the simple pleasures, even the problems when taken on by a resolute team of two, of marriage far outweigh these paltry tangibles!

I felt, upon marrying my husband, that our relationship took on quite a new feeling. I had been told by some that marriage was not altogether different from the relationship of engagement (all the more so if a couple chose to live together prior to that ceremony). However, for our part, I felt that it was completely different. With my husband, I felt a sudden oneness of spirit and of heart; I felt completely at ease with him where before there was restraint and caution. I felt safe in his protection and a willingness to support him and the vows I had pledged that day. Indeed, I felt as if every word spoken by the minister, of the flesh being not twain but one, not separate but a whole, had become a perceptible blessing covering us both.

Marriage, my girls, is wholly different and an experience apart from anything you have yet encountered. Do not underestimate the power of the sacred and precious words you will speak on that day!

With these words of incalculable value and wisdom, I close my first epistle.


Mrs H
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