Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Wedding Photos

Dearest readers,

Our formal photographer, Don Long, has given us a DVD of all the wedding photos he took. There are 705, and they are beautiful!

In the meantime, here are a few favorites for you to view; click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

Bride standing in the front of the Chapel prior to ceremony.

Groom gives thumbs up before ceremony.

The groom and groomsmen outside the Chapel.

Bride and bridesmaids before the ceremony.

Lighting the Unity Candle during the ceremony.

Bride and groom with the senior Mr. and Mrs. H

Bride and groom with the bride's family.

Bride and Groom share a kiss after the wedding ceremony.

Mom fixes the bride's lipstick.

A pouty face for the flower girl!

Smiles with the maid of honor.

A kiss for the husband before heading to the reception.

The wedding rings.

Another kiss, this time at the reception.

I hope you enjoy these photos, my friends, and I am excited to share more with you in the upcoming days!

Formally and candidly yours,

Mrs H
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