Monday, June 29, 2009

One Notices That Heather is Awesome

Dearest readers and fans, worldwide,

I've always known that the photos will be almost the most important part of my wedding day. I wanted to somehow capture all of the joy and emotion and be able to look over it, reminisce, laugh at the stories, and see all the things that I missed that day. So choosing the photographer for the wedding was a major, major deal for me.

I had one photographer come to cover primarily formal pictures, he came strongly recommended by a dear friend, Tracey, and he did a stellar job. His name is Don Long as you know, and he also threw in a pre-wedding photo shoot free of charge, and printed two photos and brought them to set on the gift table etc., also free of charge, and threw in a little extra time on the job shooting, also free of charge. He was a huge blessing to us.

But I also wanted a very creative, very innovative and female photographer who could follow me and my girls (even into the bathrooms!) and shoot almost strictly candid photos. I needed somebody who would be able to see the little details and somehow bring the whole day to life again, in jpeg format!

A friend recommended me to Heather Olson, saying, "Have you seen her photography on Facebook? She is so amazing..." I quickly checked out the facebook, immediately contacted Heather, and booked her as fast as I could! She has a knack for photography, angles, light, and most importantly, she has an eye for those tiny vignettes that are so often ignored by the camera, but so poignant when caught on film.

Words do not do her skill justice, so I am going to post some pictures here. These are just from before the ceremony!

Lovingly yours,

Mrs H
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  1. Andrea! Your words are so amazing, and I am totally humbled by what you've said about my photography. Thank you for trusting me to get the details you were looking for. Your wedding was incredible, and I had a blast doing it! You're a blessing!





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