Saturday, September 25, 2010

Praise Him, all his heavenly hosts.

Dear devoted readers,

We have just begun another season of choir at our church.  You know that I've written about our choir before; but it is on my heart to reiterate a few things.

It is impossible to say what being part of a ministry does for one.  It takes you to another level in your relationship with Christ; you start committing outwardly, and putting your very real time on the line.  The choir is a unique aspect of ministry - your task is to prepare a place of holiness and a sense of worship, to lead the congregation into the throne room.  You do spiritual warfare during the week, preparing yourself musically and spiritually, and praying over the upcoming service and the people who will be attending.  In fact, the members of the choir are important enough to be listed in their own separate group in a recounting of a group of Israelites (and in other places).

Some people believe that a choir, or a worship team, is up on stage performing before the congregation - just another concert, a chance to show-off.  That may be true in some places; but not here.  Here, the choir and worship team perform their priestly task of worship and thanksgiving with pure attitudes.  Besides creating a spiritual atmosphere, the choir also puts the congregation at ease and enables them to get lost in their own persona worship.  Our worship leader, Andy, spoke to us at our rehearsal the other night.  "The choir being up here has brought us the most energy we've felt in this room for a long time," he said.  "When you are up here singing, you send out a wall of sound.  People don't like to hear themselves singing, but when you're up here clapping and moving and singing, they feel comfortable to join in."

Off-key energy is energy nonetheless, but a tuned and crisp sound - executed to the best of our ability - is that much more beautiful.  We are lifting up our praise to the Lord as an offering of our time, our effort, our varied talents, our desire to serve Him, our desire to bring people to a deeper level in their relationship with Him.  Don't be afraid to join in with the music, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.


Mrs H
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