Sunday, September 19, 2010

Punchy flavor?

Dear party-goers, 

This recipe comes from my mom, Leslie.  I use it whenever I am serving at a party or some shower or event.  It's super easy, flexible, and - most importantly - simple and straightforward to maintain, even with a large crowd guzzling down punch!  All of the ingredients are completely interchangeable based on your taste preference and the prices at the grocery store.  

Leslie's Party Punch 
Quantities depend on the size of your crowd, but I'll give the approximate measurements for the average punchbowl. 

1 frozen drink concentrate (any fruity flavor that sounds good)
1 liter ginger-ale, or citrus-soda, 7-up, club soda, home-carbonated water, etc
Pineapple rings (optional)
1 quart frozen sorbet or sherbet or both - preferably homemade! (Use sorbet for vegan punch)
Ice-cold water 

Dump the concentrate, soda, pineapple rings (if using), and sorbet/sherbet into the punchbowl.  Top off with water - if you wish, you can use 1/2 liter soda and more ice-water.  It just depends on how many guests you have, supplies you have, how fizzy you like it, etc.  Adjust quantities based on your taste - it is VERY flexible! 

During the party, just keep dumping random quantities of these ingredients into the bowl.  Take it upon yourself to taste several cups, in the best interest of your guests, of course! 

When I make this at a party (if I am not hosting at my home) I bring a cooler with a few tubs of sherbet or sorbet, a few liters soda, some frozen concentrates, and a water jug of ice-water.  

Happy party-hosting! 

Mrs H
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