Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Share the Wealth: Blog Review - A Holy Experience

Dear companions in the faith and friends far away,

I love following blogs just as much as I enjoy writing this one.  I have a long list of blogs that I pop into occasionally, getting updated and then returning weeks or months later to catch the latest scoop; and I also have a short list of blogs that I follow regularly, often.

This one was important enough to me that I subscribed to receive her updates via e-mail so that I wouldn't have to keep checking to see if there were a new posting!  Ann Voskamp's blog isn't one for tips on homeschooling, cooking, canning - all of those are practical, wonderful things, and I follow various writers on those topics and use what I learn to improve our life at home.

Ann Voskamp speaks instead to another deep-seated need of Christ-following women - she speaks to the spiritual encouragement, the holy uplifting, so desperately desired by all of us living in a world where our faith and godly way of life is hardly respected, barely accepted, often rejected.

Most of her webpages have beautiful background piano music playing; so if the baby is sleeping or you have other music playing, be alerted!  The pause/play button is at the top of every blog post.  

Read her own words describing herself here.

Feeling the weight of the casual comments on the condition of your house, when you spend your days discipling the children when the world would be more comfortable seeing you send them away for the day so you could preserve the pristine waxed floors?  Ann has been there.

Need an attitude check for your parenting or your marriaging?  I get the feeling Ann has received those checks many times in the past, and out of the depths of her experience she speaks - she's been given godly wisdom.

Want to finish a project, start some good habits, begin a healthy lifestyle, get your children on an inspirational track - but it's crowded by other obligations and things visually in front of you?  Ann has a simple, inspirational calendar - if you can't download it and print it, just write it on a tablet of paper.  The inspiration is here.

Want to begin memorizing Scripture - starting with the book of Colossians?  Ann has created some beautiful cards here.

Find the entire blog here - at

Ann is following her spiritual gift of encouragement to the benefit of all her many readers - we are taught to encourage one another by sharing our faith, and that is what she so precisely does with her Holy Experience blog.

I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do!

Mrs H

Ann just released her first book, which immediately went to #7 on Amazon's Top 10 list

Read Ann's response to this Dotal Anecdotes review of her blog here



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