Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Dear friends ringing in the New Year,

It's been a busy 2010.

February: Gary scuba diving

March: Gary and Nathan building lego men

March: Gary's buddy leaves for Afghanistan

May: Celebrating our first anniversary

May: A family photo - can you tell who is pasted in?  

Spring: Gary sells the boat and starts a more practical collection - of firearms! 

Spring: We feel rich when we dump out our pigs and take the money to the bank

June: Visiting a new favorite cousin for the first time

Summer: Gary takes it upon himself to do all the maintenance and upkeep at my parents' place

July: Enjoying our apartment and our fine table

October: Getting ready to move from the apartment to a new one

October: Gary found a new apartment - moved in by November

Fall: Gary's parents got a new puppy and named him Maxwell

October: Gary is sworn in to the United States Navy

November: a visit from dear out-of-town friends

Fall: Gary builds a bumper for the Jeep and goes off-roading on the weekends

November: Gary builds a chicken plucker

November: We road-trip through Washington, Oregon, the entire California coast, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico together

December: Gary gets me a new freezer!! 

 It's been a crazy year full of new experiences, and the year ahead will be no less exciting.  Thanks for following along on the ride! 

Looking ahead so I don't hit my skull

Mrs H



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