Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Note to self!

Dear faithfuls,

I was talking to my grandma last winter about reading through the Bible in a year.  What she said has stuck in my head as a benchmark of inspiration for Scripture reading.

"Oh yes!  I love reading through the Bible every year.  I always wait until January to start at Genesis again, and I usually finish by about February.  Then I get to focus on word studies and specific books of the Bible."

I've never finished the 66 book canon in two months.  In fact, it seems like it's always been a challenge for me to just try and finish within a year.  But I have new heights of readership to aspire to now!

I love the Scriptures, and I love keeping them visible in my home - especially in the kitchen - so that I can read them while I work and clean, and memorize them and meditate on them.

Most of them are handmade, verses that I especially loved in my devotions or from a sermon; but a few are beautiful frames.

They are an unspoken testimony to anybody who enters our house that we serve the Lord, and His presence is made known in our home.

Researchers say that the average American sees some 30,000 messages a day - advertisements, magazine covers, bus panels, billboards, the back of a cereal box, a commercial on TV.  We all long deplore these overwhelming inundations of worldly messages, but (aside from turning off the TV and the computer!) we should do everything in our power to combat these more negative images by lifting up the One who is the Author of everything pure, and good, and worthy.

Like a new cuss word heard in a movie or a poorly chosen image from a magazine can pop into somebody's mind any time during the day so, too, the wholesome Scriptures that I see continually throughout the day arise in my mind many times, unbidden, to remind me of His truth and how I should act in my every day.

You can put them everywhere!  In drawers, in cupboards, on cupboards, on the wall ...  When we have our own home, I will be excited to stencil them on the walls!

Are you going to read through the Bible this year?  Do you have a favorite program you follow?

How do you choose to keep the Scriptures in your mind throughout the day?

Racking our collective minds for more ideas,

Mrs H

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