Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu XV: Featuring Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

A dutiful explanation of new content

Intrepid ones: this week, you will perceive that I have begun the trial of a new menu, which includes meals from the whole day and kitchen tasks! I always keep a running list of kitchen tasks, assigned per day (this is often necessary when you don't use pre-fabricated or processed foods for cooking).  However, I have never tried planning breakfasts and lunches except for special occasions, and have always just let the chips (get it?  chips?) fall where they may.

I think Mr H would heartily appreciate this new method - and I would be happy to not have to scramble (get it? scramble?) for a breakfast dish at the last minute.  However, I will warn you to expect a somewhat monotonous breakfast listing involving oatmeal, eggs and bananas, until I accumulate some handy new, easy breakfasts (a wonderful side-effect to this little exercise!).  I am definitely open to your Brilliant Suggestions.

And, by my troth ... You will notice that I label my "snack" as "afternoon tea" ... with my apologies to the whigs, it just sounds cooler than the somewhat pre-schoolish snack.  And again, my deepest regrets to the Patriots but we do dearly love tea around here and drink considerably more of it than we do coffee.

A worthy note
Lunch generally consists of leftovers from the night before; but when something interesting is afoot, I shall make due note of it.

Dutch Oven Boston Baked Beans
Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork sandwiches

Shredded slow-cooker pork wraps, quinoa salad
Kitchen Tasks | Wash and slice jalapenos, about 1/2 bushel; put into pickling liquid to prep for canning

Breakfast | Oatmeal, frozen U-pick blueberries, chia seeds, bee pollen, local raw honey, raw whole milk; fried egg
Lunch | Rye crackers and Havarti cheese with dill, raw milk with Trader Joe's Midnight Moo sauce; Mr H took shredded pork and quinoa salad to work
Afternoon Tea | coconut tea, leftover wedding cupcake
Dinner | Un-True Borscht and sour cream, Johnnybread with honey and butter
Kitchen Tasks | Can pickled jalapenos, peel beets from the midwife's neighbor, make marinated tomatoes from our garden, put chicken in fridge to defrost

Breakfast | Blueberry Muesli, banana, raw whole milk
Lunch | leftover borscht and johnnybread
Afternoon Tea | black caramel tea, jell-O cup with fruit and whipped cream
Dinner | Marinated Tomatoes and Spicy Chicken with Quinoa
Kitchen Tasks | Place chicken in cold water to thaw, pressure-can beets, wash jalapeno jars and label, pull meatloaf and buns from freezer

Breakfast | Coffee, scrambled eggs with cheese
Lunch | Leftover quinoa salad (Mr H), smoothie (Mrs H), molasses cookies (everybody)
Afternoon Tea | black caramel tea, johnnybread
Dinner | Meatloaf, pickles and homemade barbecue sauce on kaiser buns
Kitchen Tasks | Order chicken and eggs, seal freezer bags of onions and zucchini, put meatloaf in cold water to thaw

Breakfast | Starbucks coffees, banana
Lunch | Rye crackers, dill havarti
Afternoon Tea | dark Ghirardelli chocolate chips
Dinner | Spicy chicken wraps
Kitchen Tasks | None

Breakfast | Pumpkin spice granola, raw whole milk, raisins, banana
Lunch |
Afternoon Tea |
Dinner | Layered bean dip, tortilla chips, canary melon, pizza and football!
Kitchen Tasks | None

Mrs H
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This will bring some heat to our winter!
Our midwife brought us 15 pounds of beets, gleaned from her neighbor's garden
just before tilling.  I guess there was a turnip mixed in there, too!
Kitchen Tasks don't include the monotony of daily tasks; but they still need to happen!

Quinoa Salad
Saturday was spent at the farm learning about planting Fall crops! 
The best thing about overalls! 



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