Friday, September 7, 2012

Blog Launch: In Short, Stories

Dear readers and writers,

I am excited to announce the launch of a new blog, In Short, Stories!

This blog, edited in participation with several other authors, will feature a weekly story published each Sunday, a Monday writing prompt, and a Friday poetry section involving exercises, poetry, and prompts.

The blog is open for submissions from readers - so if you are a writer, or somebody you know pens short stories or poems, or you have a haiku stirring in your mind ...

write a little poem
you know you want to do this
or a short story

Many of us used to love writing, but our pen fell into disuse as life got busier, the English classes ended and we no longer "had" to keep writing papers and pieces.  The weekly exercises are meant to help us overcome that dry stretch and pick up the pen (err, keyboard for some of us) once more!

We don't all have a writing shed like Roald Dahl ...
but we can still write! 
Visit the blog at, and like our Facebook page at to just enjoy the weekly stories, or to follow the prompts and submit your own work!

... And, since you are all my special readers and I want to give you a heads-up ... there will be a giveaway hosted at In Short, Stories very soon!


Mrs H



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