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Menu XVI: Three Meals a Day, plus Jakob's Special Menu

The little guy was feeling sorta left out because his special menu is not posted here.  However, he is quite ritualistic and eats the same menu each day, so I will post it once and you can just multiply it in your mind times seven and you will have a pretty good picture of what he eats.

Every Day (Jakob's Meals)                                                                                                                
Breakfast | Milk
Second Breakfast | Milk
Elevensees | Milk
Lunch | Milk
Afternoon Tea | Milk
Supper | Milk
Bedtime Snack | Milk
Midnight Smackerel | Milk

Our meals

Breakfast |
Lunch | Bean dip, chips
Afternoon Tea |
Dinner | Cottage Pie, baba ghanoush, sourdough bread
Kitchen Tasks | Strip dried basil leaves and grind into powder; label and store jars.  Cut mint from garden, wash, and lay out to dry. Open packages of bacon ends, lay on cookie sheet and place in freezer. Pick up milk, eggs, and chicken from dropsite.  Put chicken in fridge.  Make 12x batch of baba ghanoush.  Put fresh basil in fridge to dry.

Breakfast | Granola, whole raw milk, raisins
Lunch | Smoothie (Mrs H), Cottage pie (Mr H)
Afternoon Tea | Dark chocolate squares
Dinner | Three-Cheese Macaroni, Spicy fried okra, Jones' Soda, Trader Joe's French Vanilla Ice Cream
Kitchen Tasks | Turn mint leaves.  Wash beet jars; label.  Compose menu for the week.

Breakfast | Oatmeal, thawed blueberries, whole raw milk, bee pollen, honey from a neighbor's hive, coffee
Lunch | Three-Cheese Macaroni
Afternoon Tea | Baba ghanoush, sourdough bread
Dinner |  Shepherd's Pie
Kitchen Tasks |  Attend food auction.

Breakfast |  Oatmeal, honey, whole raw milk
Lunch  |  Smoothie
Afternoon Tea  |
Dinner  |  Spicy Shepherd's Pie Wraps in Trader Joe's Tomato Tortillas
Kitchen Tasks  |  Begin sourdough starter. Harvest tomatoes, herbs, and peppers.  Wash peppers from food auction, put on dehydrator.  Wash herbs and lay on towels to dry.  Part chicken; start simple broth.

Breakfast |  Oatmeal, whole raw milk, blueberries, bee pollen, chia seeds
Lunch  |
Afternoon Tea  |  All-fruit sweet smoothie
Dinner  |  Vegetable Lasagna with Sour Cream (Trader Joe's)
Kitchen Tasks  |  Tend sourdough.  Chop herbs and freeze.  Rotate peppers on dehydrator.  Strip air-dried mint leaves and store.  Strain broth and put in jars in fridge.

Breakfast | Make-ahead Mix Pancakes, apple syrup, hot peaches and blueberries, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers from garden, rosehip tea from my sister and brother-in-law
Lunch |  Wraps and smoothies at a local raw/vegan restaurant that sources their produce from our organic CSA
Dinner |  Quinoa Salad with marinated tomatoes n onions, spicy skillet chicken, avocados, and sunchokes.  Weeping Radish root beer from the farmer's market.
Kitchen Tasks |  Visit monthly farmer's market (during the summer it is weekly).  Tend sourdough.  Rotate peppers on dehydrator.  Gut cupboard after finding cockroach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast | Oatmeal, blueberries, whole raw milk, bee pollen, coffee
Lunch |  Drive-In Burgers
Dinner |  $5 fish tacos at local ecobistro that grows their own produce, and sources other ingredients from local organic farms and suppliers
Kitchen Tasks  |  Tend sourdough.  Remove peppers from dehydrator; wash new batch and lay on.  Cockroach-proof the cupboards (stage one - chemicals).

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The boys harvesting
Frying okra in spicy batter

A big yawn!
The food auction haul
The dehydrator is ... very full.  As they shrivel, it closes up!
Scraps from the chicken broth
Chicken broth
Working on the chicken post



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