Monday, August 8, 2011

Applesauce Attack!

Dear saucy Reader, and I know you are,

Mr H and I love applesauce; last year we canned a couple hundred pounds of apples into sauce, producing quart after quart of a delicious three-apple blend of smooth sauce.  Miz Carmen and I canned even more apples into her family's favorite, a chunky blend with cinnamon and a little sugar. 

A little sugar. 

Just a little!

I'm pretty sure this cinnamon roll I bought at a local farmer's
market had more than just a little sugar in it .... 

Strolling through the local grocery store in town here, I thought Mr H might like some applesauce as it had been a long time since he'd been home.  I hadn't ever purchased applesauce before, because we always just made our own.  So after looking at all the jars and seeing that none were organic and none looked particularly better than the other, I just grabbed a random large jar and chucked it in the cart.  

Don't do it!!! Not recommended!!!
So, this afternoon Mr H and I sat down to a little supper and I served a bowl of applesauce.  I took one bite and gagged!  It was so sickeningly sweet that after two bites, I had to stop.  Na├»vely, my first thought was What kind of apples did they use, anyway!?   But, my next thought was the typically jaded thought that we home-canners tend to have from time to time - and how much artificial preservative did they use?? 

Gross - I flipped the jar around and saw that it was sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup!  

Betrayed by the sauce! 
Lesson of the day - always, always read the label, and when you don't need to read the label, read the label!!! 

Reading the label,
Mrs H

Editorial Note: A reader suggested this variety of widely available applesauce, which she has been purchasing with no complaint for some years.  There are no added sweeteners. 

Editorial Note Again: At a later date, a reader shared this article about moldy applesauce which was re-packaged for school lunches.  Several children were sickened by this; the FDA is investigating.  Shocking?  Yeah.  Surprising?  Definitely not.  


  1. Oh my goodness, I want that cinnamon roll! Please send me one!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Andrea, the picture of the c roll just reeks out sugar !!!!!! Yes, I always try to avoid that HFCS stuff !! I hear that it hardens like plastic in the veins just like margerine does !!! Claire




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