Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spruce your day up with Chopped Kick-the-Sickness Salad!

Dear reader with the Kleenex stuffed miserably up your nose,

I hear reports from my beloved, soggy Pacific Northwest that the traditional damp-weather sicknesses are plaguing and besetting them all.  Half my family contracted the dreaded strep throat in a wave of plague, and had to languish in quarantine separated from the other half which still had day jobs, school, and everyday interactions to be accomplished!

I wished I could whack up a big bowl of this refreshing, germ-sizzling salad for them ... Not only is it splendidly crunchy and delicious beyond all reason, but it packs a punch to whallop those wintery diseases in the red, chapped nose.  This recipe emerged triumphantly from a smattering of miscellaneous CSA-box produce and farmer's market leftovers that I had lying indulgently about in my fridge - Mr H enjoyed it with a hot lunch of fry bread with hasty dipping sauce, and the whole meal was speedily assembled by myself only minutes after he requested a mid-afternoon repast.

As a practicality, if you are staggering from the black plague yourself, this salad is deathly simple to prepare.

Chopped Kick-The-Sickness Salad
Mix and match what you have in the fridge - vary the amounts depending on your personal preference or availability! 

3 medium-small tomatoes
1 thick slice of yellow onion
2 thick slices of cheese
1 ripe avocado
Olive Oil
White or Cider Vinegar
Fresh-ground black pepper
Sea salt
Fresh ground cumin or taco seasoning

Coarsely chop the first four ingredients and put them in your lunch bowl.  Drizzle with just a bit of olive oil, and then a dash of vinegar.  Grind some pepper over the top (pre-ground won’t have the same effect) and sprinkle with sea salt and ground cumin or taco seasoning.  Stir together.  Eat immediately or let it marinade for a few hours in the fridge. 
Variation: Add coarsely chopped or pickled garlic for extra power.  Add minced cilantro.  
Vegans: Substitute your favorite vegan cheese or leave it off!  I recommend including a chewy ingredient, though, to balance out the texture. 

Life is short!  Enjoy every ... last ... morsel ... 

Mrs H



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