Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick, Oat Flour!

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Dear quaint reader,

When I stopped by our landlord's house to drop off our first rent, they invited me inside as they were baking cookies.  My stomach rumbled at the sight of hot, meltingly fresh chocolate chip cookies lined up along the counter.  While I ate one, the elderly husband told me he made them by replacing one half of the flour with oatmeal flour he purchased from a local organic grocery.  Chocolate chips and chopped walnuts were blended in and the flavor and texture was satisfyingly chewy and chunky.  Generously, they picked a bag of tomatoes and peppers from their garden and sent me away full-handed and rarin' to bake cookies!

Organic oatmeal flour can be pricey, but don't despair.  You can make your own oatmeal flour and quick oats at home from rolled oats - I find it is always cheaper to buy bulk rolled oats.

Simply dump a cupful at a time (toy around with it to see what your blender can handle) into a blender or food processor and let it whirl until it is the consistency you desire.  Just a few seconds for barely-chopped quick oats, and a bit longer for super-fine flour.

Adding oat flour to cookies in replacement of regular flour makes them very dense and chewy - just the way I like 'em!!

If your mom-in-law made you aprons like these, you'd be eager to bake, too! 
busily baking,

Mrs H



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