Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving Day 2

Dear continuing faithful,

Today we were busy as could be, continuing moving.  We called the utilities and internet providers to cancel and switch our services to the new place.  Our internet will be shut off by October 5, so there may not be any blog updates for a while.

My cousin Max came back with his truck, and brought his 4-month old son David with him.  While the men took loads of furniture and boxes to the new apartment, I let David help me knead cinnamon-roll dough for party I am hosting tomorrow.

He loved the dough!

He didn't try to eat it, surprisingly! 

I had a dehydrator load of basil drying on my porch, so I blended it up so I could wash and pack the dehydrator.

I had also dried a load of onions, so I blended those into bits and put them in a jar.  My food-saver is already packed and at the new place, so I will package and freeze them later.  They are pretty dry, so they will last long enough in the jar.

I put two loaves of whole wheat bread in the oven on warm to rise; I was pretty proud of myself for planning ahead, knowing that this next week my new kitchen will probably be too chaotic to make bread.  Unfortunately, I forgot the bread was in the oven, and it rose for about eight hours!!  So we have some rather sad, deflated looking bread (one with onions and salt on top).  Oh well.

I had to use up a quart and a half of cream that was in the fridge for a while, and a bunch of leftover gingerroot.  I needed to use these up, so I made a double batch of ginger ice-cream... 

Peeled the leftover root, sliced it, and put it in vodka to make ginger extract and to preserve the root ... 

... and made a double batch of plum ice-cream (sorry, no picture!).  In the afternoon, my mom, my sister Manda, and Karissa went to the new place with Max and Mr H.  They scrubbed and cleaned and unloaded!  

I stayed at the old apartment and kept cleaning and packing and cooking.  My little brother Nate had a ton of fun playing with David.  I am not sure which one made more noise!  

I had three packages of a pumpkin-spice quick-bread mix.  I had to make a treat to take to Bible study in the morning so I made a bunch of mini-muffins.  I also made some streusel topping, and a dozen muffins for my hard-working mom and sister to take home!  I also used up a boxed mix for brownies, which is made using plain yogurt, which I also wanted to use up out of my fridge.  

The living room is now the stockpile for things that are dusted, washed, packed, and ready to be moved ...

The dining room has a nice fat pile of things that still need to be sorted and packed, and a box and a few things that belong to other people.  (I also need to pack my closet!)

A nice stack of boxes and baskets to pack what's left in the kitchen and the closet ........ oh dear!! 

Overall, a very productive 2nd day of moving!  I am pretty excited that we got so much done with only two-day notice that we can move.  

Tomorrow is a busy day, no time for packing or cleaning; but we'll be back at it on Wednesday! 

To all a good night, and a special thanks to my family for pitching in today to help with the move!!! 


Mrs H
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  1. hilarious about the bread!! Yay to everyone helping so much! I wish I could too :(




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