Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Things Autumn Brings Us

Dear patient friends,

Ever since moving, things have been happening nonstop.

Canning season is coming to a close - thankfully, because my energy to screw on bands and hang over a steaming pot is also coming to a close.  There are always further projects I'd like to undertake, but for now I need a break from the Kerr-Ball family names. (A few of you have asked for a pantry list, so I'll post that later.)

We are fully moved in, but I haven't opened all of the boxes in the library-office.  Some of it will have to go into the crawlspace storage so I will have to sort through it.  Unfortunately, Mr H's lightweight bike and favored form of transportation has disappeared and we are speculating that it was stolen from our back porch.  It's a 2nd story porch, but it isn't hard to climb up, as my brother tested the other day.

But these are petty pieces of news compared to the biggest news of all.  On October 21, Mr H was officially sworn into the US Navy.  His two years of training begin on March 22, 2011, when he ships out of Seattle.

What comes next?  Wait and see .... because I couldn't tell ya!

anticipating the future,

Mrs H
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Next: It started with a decision ...

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  1. WOW! That yellow is a GREAT color on you! ...and the quality of these pictures are INCREDIBLE! You must of had a professional photographer! ;)




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