Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving Day 1

Dear faithfuls,

We planned to start our move-out from our current apartment around the middle of this month; that's when our rental of the other place begins.  But the landlord told us he'd honestly rather have us move in now, even though we are only paying for the 2nd half of October, than have the place vacant.

It makes perfect business sense, of course, but big apartment complexes don't do that.  It's so much easier to work with this fella, instead of with a huge apartment company!

I've never moved before, but I always thought it would be fun.  Of course, my day job is working as a project manager for an aerospace repositioning firm, so it makes sense ...  But we washed, sorted, weeded, and carefully packed, taped a manifest to each box, and categorized to the final pin as much as possible.  I have a few obsessions about categorizing  .... I will categorize utensils until my fingers bleed, if left to my own pursuits.

So we called our cousins, and Jess let us have her husband Max and his truck all day to help.

My mom came over and scoured the guest bathroom spotless, from top to bottom!  It's definitely cleaner than when we moved in.

 My little sister played and helped (a little).  And ate bread with honey!

Mr H and Gabe worked hard loading the vehicles, and unloading at the new place with Max.

Max took some of our furniture to his man-cave at his house.  We didn't need our TV and one of the small couches and ottomans.  He and Gary will use them to play Halo!

I washed and packed and scrubbed and, of course, since hard work deserves good food, cooked and baked.  I was trying to bake specific items that would use up surplus ingredients in my fridge, instead of buying food to make, so that I don't have to move as much food! 

Homemade apple turnovers came out of the freezer for a mid-afternoon snack ... 

Beef-cabbage-cheese-stuffed "runsas" were made, to use up the bag of chopped beef leftover from the bones I used to make 20 quarts of beef broth ... 

And caramel sticky-buns finished the evening off with a sweet note! 

We got an awful lot done for the first day of unexpected moving.  Fortunately, Mr H and I were a little zealous in the week prior and had boxed a whole lot of stuff.  At the end of the day we moved our bed from the bedroom into the living room.  I demonstrated how tired I was ...

The house was pretty empty that evening.

MANY thanks goes to the family/friends that helped us get all of this work done!  We would not have had such a smooth transition without all of your help!!


Mrs H
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  1. WOW!!! It must be so empty! It's hard to believe all that stuff got moved since last Thursday when I was there, it must look sooo different! Can't wait to see the new place!

  2. Can you move again, I'm hungry?!!!?




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