Friday, October 8, 2010

Moving Day 3

Fellows and friends,

We moved and packed a lot Sunday and Monday, and then Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't get to do much of anything (we knew we wouldn't) due to other scheduled events.  We live such busy lives, you know, and are very popular on the local party circuit ...

On Tuesday, my cousin Max ...

... made some fabulous tomato soup with tomatoes from his garden.  Best tomato soup I've ever had, bar none ... everything from caraway to coconut was in it!

Operation Skedaddle resumed on Thursday after morning errands, around noon.  My mom, and sisters Amanda and Karissa and brother Nate, came in the afternoon and tore into empty, dirty cupboards with a vengeance (well, Mom and Amanda tore into the cupboards).  They scoured the bathroom and kitchen and, when I had to leave early to go to choir, packed up the contents of the fridge and freezer and toted it all to the new place and stashed it appropriately.

How could I have done all of this without their help!?  I love having family close by!

Today I am busily unloading things into the kitchen.  There is less cupboard space here than at the old place, so I am getting creative finding homes for my many dishes (three crockpots? three bundt pans?  three pressure canners?  three dehydrators? I am seeing a trend here).  The funny thing about my dishes is that ... I use them all!  I have a few things that I am relinquishing to boxes, just because I don't need them on a regular basis - only when I am gearing up for big projects (for instance, 12 muffin pans ... 10 water bath canners ... ).  This will be put in the storage space beneath us (the crawlspace under the apartment), along with some other seasonal things and our second set of bath towels.  Blah blah. You get the idea!

Back to organizing - glorious organizing!

Mrs H
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