Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Free Giveaway - Sparkles, Sparkles!!

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating! 

Dear fellow frugals who have followed so faithfully,

As a fair payment for following this series on frugality, I thought we'd give away some fun!

My sister Melissa heralded me into my new home with a handsome housewarming gift of Tranquil Waters sparkling body gel and a delightfully fluffy body scrubby!  She's offered to give one away to a fortunate reader as a part of her blossoming Mary Kay home business, and I was only too happy to agree.

Growing up, she was always the sister we'd go to for make-up advice (okay, so I still do).  She was the only sister among the six of us girls who faithfully attended to her face wash and sunscreen and she has a lovely, silky complexion to show for it.  We used to say that decades into the future, when people looked at our family portrait in history books (we naturally assumed we'd just be that famous), they would look at her and say "Ah, the beautiful one!"

So who's down for a little free scrubbie and sparkly?  Ladies, you can win this for yourself or for a girlfriend or daughter, daughters you can win this for your mom or your grandma or yourself.  Guys, you can double your wife's chance of winning by entering, too - and then you can hold it hostage until some festive date if you wish!  The possibilities are endless ... and so very delightful!

I'm following along with another blog series where the author is challenging women to go from Frumps to Pumps (Mr H asked me, "What is frumps?"  I said it was when you slog around in pajamas or t-shirts and sweats all day!).  Whatever your reason to dress nicely on a regular basis - husband, job, feeling better about yourself - it always pays to feel and look your best, even when you spend the day at home.  And many moms and other work-from-homers do spend the day at home, and feel a little frumpy for it!  So in the interest of being a little more, well, interesting, this morning after my morning ablutions I rubbed the sparkles into my skin and now whenever I move, sweet-scented glittering happens all around!

Here is how you enter to win: post a comment below with a frugal tip or just a happy smiley face :).

Double your chances of winning by going to the brand-new Dotal Anecdotes Facebook page and "liking" it - leave another comment below (with just your name) to let me know you did so (if you've already "liked" the page, just leave a comment to tell me so).

Triple your chances of winning by visiting Melissa's Mary Kay site and leaving a third comment telling me what you'd like to see in the next drawing ... I might be able to talk her into doing another one!

So you can enter three times!  Be sure to leave a comment for each thing you do so your vote will be cast! 

The drawing will take place on November 5th with, as usual, the unbiased help of the ever-arbitrary!  You can enter any time from now until then - I will close the comments when the time is up.

No tricks here, and you might win a fun treat - cheers to winning free stuff!!

No, that's not my website ... but the name is appropriate, don't you think?! 
Sparkling and bubbling like carbonated apple cider,

Mrs H

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating! 



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