Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Real Humans!

Dear humans, and any miscellaneous cats that may be reading as well,

I love buying our food from real people.

Real people who raised it themselves, and actually care about each customer.  It just feels so much more human.

There's an old house on the CSA property that was built in the mid-to late 1800s
It's fun to explore! 

I recently placed an order for some meat that was on sale from our meat-supply family, but they e-mailed me back that all the sale meat had already sold. 

When I went to pick up my usual order from them that weekend, they had stuck a bunch of extra meat in the bag - "I felt bad that you missed the sale!" she told me, "so we put in a little extra."

I enjoy doing business with folks like this; I'll be back again and again!

What makes you a happy customer?

Mrs H



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