Friday, June 15, 2012

Rock My World: Potato Salad

Dear piknik planners,

Every family has a treasured, "best" recipe for potato salad (and they are all correct in thinking their recipe is best, because best is determined by what is most delicious and appropriate to your taste buds).  So I won't even dare tread on the sacred ground of contributing yet another recipe to your arsenal.  *See note at end of blog if you still need a recipe.  

What I am here to contribute is an additional ingredient, for your heirloom secret recipe, that might send you to the stars and back with papillae joy.

When The Original Mr H was here visiting, we prepared a potato salad without the use of dairy, eggs or refined sugar.  In the interest of adding jazzy new ingredients, I peeled and diced a Granny Smith apple and a Fuji apple, and stirred them in to the salad.

Try it.

Thank me later!

If you eat this potato salad with apples, you will be as happy as this family
You will have ears as big as these Fennec foxes
You will be as alert as these Meerkats 
You will be as curious as this lizard
You will sleep as well as this Red Panda
Your tongue will have the dexterity of a giraffe's
Mrs H

* P.S. If you don't have a family favorite yet for ol' tater salad or are trolling for new ideas, this recipe from the editors of Cook's Illustrated has always served me well, if not as a complete recipe, then as a jumping-off point for new and dreamy versions.



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