Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Be Impressed, There's Not Much to See

Dear wonderful people,

Sometimes people say, "Wow, what a Molly Homemaker you are!"

I love getting compliments as much as the next person (maybe more so ... that might be something for me to work on ... I'll get back to you when I'm perfect!).  But I don't always deserve them.

Don't think that, just because you see things here on the blog, I am this super-efficient-incredible-organized person.  It may appear that way because I post about the interesting, educational, or organized things I have done that helped me, or that I learned by trial and error, or that turned out well.

But I wouldn't post, "This is an awful recipe!  I made it and my husband could barely choke it down.  Don't waste your time or money like I did!"

"I spent the whole day producing nothing - here is a picture of my ceiling fan."

"I don't know anything about elephants, but you could always Google or YouTube them if you were interested in learning more."

Those posts might get a little old (if only you knew how often I could post them ...).

Instead, I select topics to discuss that I've spent some time learning about, or links to the website of somebody who has.  I post pictures of interesting things we've done, or foods we've eaten, and the recipes that turned out brilliant or successful are shared for your enjoyment.  I weed through the content of my life and share with you things that I think might seem interesting or helpful, based on my own experience.

You don't get to see all the white noise that is sifted out!

So don't feel like I do it all, or I have it all together, or I am a super-woman, or whatever nonsensical perception this blog might accidentally give ... 'cause that would definitely not be true.  I am guessing you have it all together better than I do, you just don't realize it because nobody is highlighting all the incredible, wonderful, awesomeness that you take care of day in and day out!

The day this blog becomes a place to serve me, instead of glorifying my Lord and bringing some joy or help to your day, is the day I will close it down forever.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!

Mrs H



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