Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Less Sugar, No Sugar: Nursing Your Sweet Tooth

Dear sweeties,

When my sister Mel and I were little, we used to make feeble attempts at keeping the kitchen clean while cooking and say to each other, "Less mess, no mess!"

Over the last few months, Mr H and I have been easing refined sugars out the door.  It just seems like they are pretty useless to the diet and do more damage than good, so we are replacing them with alternatives, like not having as much sweetness in our diet, honey or maple syrup in recipes, a little stevia.  There are lots of ways, but that's not my point here; I wanted to share this staggering infographic on sugar with you.  It knocked me off my feet and I thought it was impossible; but People assure me it is possible!  Like with my naive experience with store-bought applesauce, I am learning that pretty much anything that comes in a package from the store has sugar or corn syrup in it - hence another great reason to avoid packaged foods and go homemade with everything you can!  (That's what happens when you live in the sheltered world of making everything from scratch!)

Perhaps this is especially pertinent during the holiday season!  Start counting the items you come across in your day that have sugar in them ... be aware!

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth
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Mrs H

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