Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday Menu with Almond Joys and dozens of smoothies

Thanks for reading this post, I'm so excited to visit with you!  
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What a wonderful week, as we prepare for Christmas and visiting with family!

Noms this week

Almond Joy  |  I am falling in love with coconut so bad, and enjoyed making this simple treats.  They were
too sweet for my liking, however, so I'll take the recipe to my drawing board and see if there is a lower-sugar, higher-happiness version to be had.

Sweet Potato Fries  |  From Andrea Chesman's excellent, sturdy little book, Recipes from the Root Cellar.  I strongly recommend this book if you enjoy seasonal produce, such as a CSA or your own garden.

Smoothies, smoothies, and more smoothies  |  I've been enjoying the many recipes on my Pinterest board for drinks; most of them get tweaked as they reach my blender, and some of my favorite new versions will be showing up on the blog.

In the kitchen
What's doin? 

Ground dried peppers I've been dehydrating all summer, making a fine powder to season foods all year.  I took the stems off, and heaped them in the Vitamix a few at a time.  It worked great!

I was swathed for the process. 

Canned peppers for my midwife-apprentice

polished some silver.

Crop Circles 
Welcome to my garden! 

Planted garlic in the garden - elephant garlic bulbs that I procured from our CSA.

I put apples and sweet potatoes into cold storage ... they'll be canned later, but this will preserve them until I can get to canning.

Mrs H

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