Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Add Powdered Green-Food Supplement to Your Smoothie (and not gag!)

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Dear blends,

I love smoothies, as you probably well know.  Click here for a fun tutorial on smoothie-making by SuperSkinnyMe, and read their 18 [Smoothie] Recipes to Make You More Awesome.  

Now that I have the Vitamix, I don't make smoothies using my immersion blender any more because the Vitamix is just faster, stronger, and easier for me to clean and operate with one hand (a.k.a. while I hold young mister).  

I love using raw milk, fruit I picked and froze in season, different flavors of Spiru-tein, and adding Organic Maca PowderBee Pollen, liquid Coconut Oil, and Organic Hemp Protein to my smoothies.

To include phytonutrients, superfoods, and probiotics in my smoothie, I add a few teaspoons of Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula.  You can find these in local health food markets, supplement stores, or probably in Whole Foods (although I choose to support the small business, first, when given a choice!).

I recommend this supplement to everybody, but especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, very athletic or active, on a diet, or studying in college and need to keep your brain functioning well!

Since the Perfect Food (or any green food powdered supplement) doesn't particularly taste "good" - it tastes like grass or hay to me, not foul, but not appealing - I don't mix it throughout my entire smoothie.  Instead, I make my smoothie, pour almost all of it into my glass, but leave about a half-cup in the blender.  I add the Perfect Food to the blender and turn it back on for a few seconds.

I drink the small amount of grassy green drink first, then enjoy the rest of my delicious smoothie slowly!

Resting after a job well done,

Mrs H

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