Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the morning before Christmas ...

Dear carolers and elves,

Christmas Eve!  What a delightful day.  I spent the morning listening to Christmas music and Alan Maitland's reading of Fredrick Forsyth's The Shepherd, while I prepped components and baked for Christmas.

The menu is delightful, festive, delicious.  We will be serving breakfast, brunch, and dinner with family members; few things make me happier!  I won't post our menu until after the holiday, though; too many family and friends read the blog, and I always enjoy keeping my menu a secret (except from Mandatory, my protégé).

Red cherry jelly candies for snacking... bread baked for stuffing, vegetables and sausage chopped and prepped for the stuffing,  pumpkin cake baked and awaiting a brown sugar glaze, turkey immersed in brining water, several gallons of orange juice for breakfast and brunch, fruit chopped and prepped, and always - dishes, dishes, dishes, washed, dried, put away!  There will be a lot more work to do tonight after the evening Christmas Eve service, in preparation for Christmas Day. 

I ended with a quick breakfast of egg on toast, bacon, and chai tea mix with milk. 

What a celebration! 
Christmas is almost here - are you ready?! 

I sure am.

Mrs H

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