Thursday, December 30, 2010

What will you do with your life?

Dear companions on the way, 

What human can really ever say what is coming in their future? 

We can certainly do our best to predict things - schedule things, plan things, intend things, hope for things.  But we never really know what will happen, or if it will even be what we thought we wanted.  

But in the end, it is all in the Lord's hand.  And we can either fight it, or we can make peace with it and know that everything happens in His timing; if we seek out the meaning in the events in our lives, and trust that the things we don't understand are still under His control, we will find His will being worked in our lives.  

This new year will bring with it many new experiences for my husband and I.  As you already know from reading his plan to join, his training blog, and about his swearing-in ceremony, Mr H is leaving soon for the Navy to pursue a dream that has been hounding him since childhood.

In March, he will leave for nine months to train his hands to war; then will follow another 15 months of warrior training in different schools, and therein lie the unknowns of our next year of life - where will his training take place?  Don't know. How long will each individual school - dive school, jump school - be?  Don't know.  Can I go with him?  Depends... on how long a given training school is, where it's at, the Navy budget, and our budget.  

Mr H and I prayed long and hard about this; the Lord was speaking to him.  But something like this is costly - in time, in emotions, in personal comfort.  Mr H and I, after many nights of praying and wrestling with it both individually and together, and hearing things from ministers who had no idea what we were thinking about, finally came to rest in the answer that this was the Lord's calling for him.

We knew it probably wouldn't be a decision that was popular with everybody we knew; some people don't believe in godly warriors any more - they were necessary in the days of old, but now humans should be so progressive and advanced morally that fighting against those who would take innocent lives is a thing of the past.

Sadly, we humans have become - if anything - more degraded morally, and less able to keep an innocent peace.  Without the men and women that we never hear about working night and day against evil, there would be no church gatherings or quiet homesteads or placid countrysides.  While we depend on the Lord for protection and deliverance, He still requires of us to take into our hands His appointed works and do the tasks He has enabled us to do.

With anticipation of an exciting future ahead,

Mrs H
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  1. It is so comforting to know that this is what God wants Gary to do, because there is no place safer to be than in God's will!




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