Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wallow in Mallow

To all festive, kind readers,

The marshmallow parade never ends!  The following photos illustrate variations of a recipe I posted earlier for marshmallows.

In the last few seconds of beating the fluffy stuff, I swirled in smashed candy canes and a little red food coloring ...

I lined the pan with parchment paper, greased it, and coated it liberally with powdered sugar.  After pressing the marshmallow mixture into the pan, I sprinkled it with more broken candy cane.

For the second batch of marshmallows, I chopped unsweetened chocolate drops and added them at the end of the mixing cycle.  Instead of just sugar, I lined the pan with a mixture of unsweetened cocoa and powdered sugar (a very proprietary blend to be sure ... you'd have to ask Mandatory, my sister and kitchen accomplice, what she used ...).

When these marshmallows were cut into squares, I rolled them in more of the cocoa-sugar mix.  The leftover coating mixture was added to a jar of hot cocoa mix.

Stacks of marshmallows - plain, peppermint, and chocolate.  Ready to be dunked into mugs of hot chocolate, stuffed into s'mores, and added to festive gift baskets!

Cheers to always having fun in the kitchen!

Mrs H



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