Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The 25 Christmas Gifts

Dearest festive readers,

I have exciting news!!!

I've trying to dream up a way I could give every one of my beloved readers a gift for Christmas, and I do believe I've hit on the perfect plan.

This December, every day until Christmas there will be a new download posted for you on the blog.  Either something I've created myself, or a link to another blog or website that is hosting a delightful FREE download.

What'll it be?  I've already got a big sackful of of treats for you, and I keep finding more ... free e-books, special Christmas crafts for the kids, Advent calendars, even some downloads so unique you can print them and give them away as gifts!

I'll keep posting my regular blog posts, but at the bottom of each one will be a special link with your daily gift.  And as they appear on the blog, I'll keep the whole list collected right here.  Check this page frequently for gifts you may have missed and to find bonus links that won't appear anywhere else on the blog!

Watch the blog posts in December for a new downloadable gift every day until Christmas!  

Wishing you cheer and good tidings,

Mrs H

Look for Rosie the Snowgirl ...
she always shows up when there
are new downloads to be had! 

Kick-off Bonus Link! 

Tsh Oxenreider at SimpleMom has a few ideas for budgeting this Christmas, and has created a handy downloadable budget spreadsheet.  



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