Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Thanksgiving Song

Dedicated to the littlest sister, my Chickadee

The Thanksgiving Song

Aa is for Apple Pie, a holiday feast tradition
Bb is for Broccoli Salad, I love it, who doesn't?
Cc is Cranberry Sauce - to forget is perdition!
Dd is for Deviled Eggs, prepared by the dozen.

Ee is for Eggnog, as winter sets in ...
Ff is for Frog-Eye Salad, which is really quite nice!
Gg is for Gravy, rich and brown,
Hh is for Ham, that pig spiral-sliced.

Ii is for Iowa Pea Salad, a frozen concoction.
Jj is for Jell-O Salad, layered or creamed.
Kk is for King Arthur Chocolate Cake, a true confection;
Ll is for Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake, rich as you dreamed ...

Mm is for Mashed Potatoes, piled creamy and high.
Nn is for No-Fuss Cherry Pie, a juicy delight!
Oo is for Olives, with fingers to ply,
Pp is for Pumpkin Pie, an honorable right.

Qq is for Quick 7-Cup Salad, fragrant of cherries.
Rr is for Rolls, soft and tender.
Ss is for Stuffing, the meat and bread marries;
Tt is for Turkey, that poultry of wonder!

Uu is for Upside-Down Pineapple Cake, ¡ǝɹɐlɔǝp I
Vv is for Vanilla Ice-Cream, a pie-slice topper -
Ww is for Whipped Cream, to include this is fair.
Xx is for Xylitol Sweetener, a new-fangled offer;

Yy is for Yams, candied to the brim ...
Zz is for Zwiebach Pie - without which, this dinner is sin!  

Now you know your recipes, next time won't you feast with me?! 

Thanking Him for blessings and wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving, 

Mrs H
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