Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Real Question Is, What Can't You Do With Coconut Oil?

Dear readers from the islands of Tortuga and other far-flung and exotic places,

I love coconut oil (expeller-pressed, organic, raw).  I use it as lotion to moisturize and I slather it on my tummy in the morning after my shower and in the evening just before bed, to keep my skin from getting too terribly itchy and irritated from all the growth it will need to do.  Coconut oil at room temperature is solid, although you can still dig your finger through it; if it gets warm, it softens, and if it's hot enough it will be come a clear liquid.

Coconut oil is not only delicious, but it is an ultra-nutritious food.  It is lower in calories than other fats, and it helps reduce cholesterol so it is of interest to the weight-loss community.

I use coconut oil, by the way, instead of a fancy or expensive belly lotion because I don't have the time or the scientific resources to thoroughly research all of the ingredients in most of those lotions, and I figured if I were going to be using it twice or more a day for my baby bump, I didn't want to run the risk of anything dangerous on my skin.

Now, there is quite a lot more you can do with coconut oil other than rub it on your tummy; not the least of which is, of course, to eat it!

Coconut oil is, for instance, wonderful to use if you have allergies or prefer not to consume dairy products.  Recently, two famously wonderful links regarding coconut oil came to my attention, and I figured I'd share them with you here.

The Mysterious Mrs S referred me to this link: Coconut Butter Spreads - Cacao, Goji, Banana, Strawberry
This page not only gives the delicious recipes for these more nutritious versions of butter spreads, but also explains basic, useful principles for working with coconut oil.

How to Use Coconut Oil: There Are Hundreds of Uses of Coconut Oil!  This tantalizing little blog post will lead you to 22 other scrumptious recipes that will give you ideas on how to use coconut oil.  Everything from frying fish to making ketchup to blending smoothies to making mayonnaise!  Find their additional recipes cataloged at Free Coconut Recipes!

How do you use coconut oil?  Will this be your first time trying it?


Mrs H



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