Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where in the World Am I ...

Dear corn-fed readers and those who don't eat corn,

After flying home to the Pacific Northwest from Florida in January of this year, I had a few months to work, pack, and visit with family before leaving again to rejoin my husband at his next duty station.  A few days ago, I arrived at our new location on the East Coast!

Chilling at the baby shower friends hosted for me
Kejmo working on her entry for the baby shower guest book
Mandatory contemplates a wad of dough
My brother at the helm with a camera crew
Altogether it was an insane trip home, jam-packed with hard work babysitting, house-sitting, puppy-sitting, but very little actual sitting.

I was working to save money for the baby, which should arrive in about two months or so.  I also managed to cram in some visiting time with family, which was really, really awesome!  It was a wild ride ...

But it's all good 'cause I like wild rides.  In fact, they're the only kind of rides I like!

Mrs H



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