Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Screen Saver: Design Your Own!

Dear ones with screens that need saving (we are in the business of preserving, after all),

Did you know you can fashion a handy screen-saver from wet clay, leaves, and the clips from your bread bags?

Not so much, actually; but this is a fun idea for a computer or internet-linked-TV screensaver that I started using a few Christmases ago.

Pandora or other source of music (Windows Media, iTunes, MixPod, etc)
Netflix or other source of video (DVD, Hulu, YouTube)

Using the same device for both of the following, turn on your selection of music.  Turn on your selection of video, and mute the video player.  You can create a relaxing playlist with stunning photography and visualizations, or a holiday-themed or event-themed screensaver for free (or for whatever you already paid for the music/videos!).

Example: Nap time or a restful period during the day ... Yoga Radio on Pandora, and Yellowstone: Battle for Life on Netflix

Example: Baking Christmas cookies with friends ... Christmas Genre on Windows Media and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on YouTube

Example: Cleaning the house and sorting paperwork ... Christian mix on iTunes and Fireproof on DVD

Example:  Bingo night or working on decoupaging a trunk with the gals ... Oldies on Listen Live and His Girl Friday on Netflix

Our computer, which is also our TV screen, times out if you just play Pandora or another music player, because if the same image is on the screen for too long it'll burn in.  Running a movie is a great way to keep the screen active and from burning images!  Plus, it can lend a nice atmosphere to a Christmas party, bring a little sparkle in on a cool, rainy afternoon, or add a little fun to any other event you have going.

Saving screens every day,

Mrs H
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