Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updates on Baby Benjamin

Dear ones,

A few days ago, I posted a call for prayer and support for baby Ben, who was undergoing a serious spinal surgery due to achondroplasia.


His surgery went miraculously well, thanks to gifted surgeons, many prayers and much love, and a great Healer.  Hospital staff are shocked at his recovery, pain tolerance, and healing.  Thank you for participating in this great event!!

Read updates here

The medical care will continue, as will the bills (they are staying out of town at a hospital out of state, due to the limited resources in their small hometown in Montana), so to those who have been asking if they can financially support baby Ben: you can donate cash at his site or if you need superior make-up products, skin care, fragrance, or need one of these awesome makeup bags if you have no bathroom cupboards like me or go to the gym or yoga a lot, just purchase them from his mama, Beth, who is a Mary Kay beauty consultant!

Thanks to everybody for generous prayers, thoughts of love, and emotional support for this dear family!  It is helping to pave the way for what otherwise is a difficult and trying time.

Mrs H



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