Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Dearest, treasured family (you are all like family to me),

From my little, growing family to yours - happy, blessed Thanksgiving day!!

Remember with me Thanksgiving days from home!  Do we share memories?  The Corel bowl, the frosty yard, the flurry of arriving guests?

My memory is aflame with the thought of traditional, family heirloom recipes like this one, which I can hardly imagine a November Thursday without.

And can you sing the Thanksgiving Song without your mouth watering at the dishes as necessary to Thanksgiving as the partakers thereof?  Do you often have many of these same delights - and am I missing any treasures from the list?

Save your turkey bones and turn them into broth - process the broth in a pressure canner and use it later in the year!  Use leftover meat for hot turkey wraps, delicious turkey burritos, make a thick turkey stew of Thanksgiving leftovers, or try this variation of the moo-shoo turkey wrap.

Mr H and the little man I are on different sides of the country by necessity of the military, but our hearts are nonetheless happily together and full of joy!  After all, being grateful has very little to do with what we have about us, but instead is composed of the condition of our hearts.

God bless!

Mrs H

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