Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Story and A Fable

Dear readers of the learned Aesop, to which epic status I do not aspire but upon whose singular style I here play,

Seeing my obvious condition of pregnancy recently, somebody congratulated me.

"I could never have kids, though," they said to me.  "The thing is, once you have kids, you can't just get up and go someplace any time you want to."

This statement seemed irrational to me.  So I decided to write a Fable.

The Paraplegic and the Doctor 

Once, a paraplegic was offered a complete and total restoration of the use of her limbs.

She turned the doctor down.  "I can't," she said.  "Think of it - we wouldn't be able to park in the handicap spots any more!"

Mrs H



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