Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review: By Kids, For Kids!

Dear literary and pansophic fans,

I am privileged to be a reviewer for the San Francisco Book Review (the mysterious Mrs S, a copy editor for said fine establishment, told me about them when we were in Chicago together).

May is Kid's Book Month, and the editors at 1776 Productions asked us to have our kids, siblings, nieces and nephews participate in reviewing kids books.  What a fun program it has been!

My little sister Kejmo (Karissa), participated and reviewed six books.  She loved the whole process thoroughly - from choosing the books from a provided list, waiting for them to come in the mail, and then reading them over and over to finally reviewing them!

Read the May 2012 Issue here (Karissa's reviews are on pages 28, 30, 31, 37/38, and 39/40 for those of you seeking to read her contributions), where you can find the adorable reviews of many children, and the usual excellent work of the adult reviewers as well!  Or, look up children's reviews by keywords here.

Enjoy other reviews on the City Book Review website here!

Many thanks to the dedicated editors at City Book Review that put a lot of time into making this special program happen!

Mrs H



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