Saturday, May 12, 2012

That Indulgence, Jell-O

To the forgiving reader,

Of course for me, any gelatin really would do.  I purchased some lovely unflavored vegan gelatin, but then it went into storage for the Year of Navy Traveling and I haven't done anything with it yet, so currently I am still just enjoying the boxed sugary goodness.  

"Don't you know what's in Jell-O?"  I hear it every time; yes, I know.  I've known since I was old enough to read about pioneers making calves' foot jelly!  

I got a tin box of Jell-O recipes at Costco once, and when Mandatory and I got to Virginia we started making a different recipe almost every day to test all the variations and ideas.  This has kept me wildly entertained like you wouldn't believe.  You may have noted some of these recipes appearing in our weekly menu.  

All sorts of unhealthy, delicious treats have emerged; all of them easy to prepare, which is good for me since my dishes and baking supply were sorely limited while waiting for the Navy to deliver our household goods (the days did drag on).  

I remembered to take pictures of a few of the Jell-O dishes we made over the last few weeks.  You can find more Jell-O recipes here!  And of course, here.  And as always, here on the blog.

Mr H is happy to oblige by blending strawberries for a Jell-O fruit cup. 
Blending ice-cream and Jell-O and freezing it? 

Frozen Strawberry Shortcake Squares (chunks of pound cake were stirred in
to the pink mixture, then it was frozen)

Favorite classic - a banana cream pudding

This wobbly lemon mousse with berry sauce literally leapt from the pan when I
tried to scoop it out! 

Store-bought pound cake for a pan of Berry Shortcake Squares
The cake is buried under mounds of sliced strawberries, bananas, and a drizzle
of orange juice; topped with extra-thick blend of pudding and whipped cream

What is your guilty (or perhaps not-so-guilty) pleasure?  Do you enjoy playing around with Jell-O and the myraid options one has with a wobbly, sticky gelatin? 

Mrs H



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